See What Man Did To His Wife After He Caught Her Cheating That Made People React (Watch Video)

As they say, wonders shall never end. It is no longer uncommon to come across abusive husbands and wives who often do bizarre things in public. Have you ever come across a man who beats his wife before?. Have you ever witnessed a man engaging in a physical battle with a woman before?. Here is a practical example for you to see and possibly learn.

Presently, a video is making waves on social media. This video shows a man beating his wife mercilessly after he caught her cheating with another man. As is observed, this man was beating her while another person was recording the incident on camera. A little child was heard crying in the background. The said woman was heard pleading in the South African language, “I am sorry, forgive me”.

This video has caused a stir as many people are reacting to it. The majority thinks that this is indeed unfair, unjust, and inhumane. They reasoned that what the man did is totally condemnable. They however asked for him to be arrested.

There are a few others who reasoned differently. This group of persons opined that what she did does not deserve such treatment from the man. They however asked the South African police authorities to investigate the matter.

What do you think?.

• Do you think that this is wrong?.

• Do you think that the man should be arrested?.

• Do you think that the woman should sue him?.

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